While not an outright villain, he’s a pretty bad guy

Sengoku is guilty of this a lot! Crapsack World Creepy Crossdresser: Benten, sort of. While not an outright villain http://mokuvisual.com/2017/12/17/his-sister-tranquildream-tells-him-to-shut-up/, he’s a pretty bad guy. Certainly not a Wholesome Crossdresser, because there is nothing wholesome on this show. Contemplate Our Navels: a brief philosophical discussion about starlight in episode 3 and how it continues on forever. Appropriate, considering the themes of the episode. Cyber Punk: The 3 protagonists adopted this look quite thoroughly. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Benten, complete with the flowing white hair, long nails and red lipstick. Daywalking Vampire: Justified, due to the vampire being a genetic experiment rather than supernatural undead. Explosive Leash: The collars. Gogul sees one in action when he tracks down a fellow con who went rogue and tried to disarm his collar himself. Genius Bruiser: Gogul is very strong and physically tough, but also seems to be an avid reader and a very talented hacker. On several points he’s seen reading classic Russian literature. In the original language. Gorn: Actively subverted through most of the series. The age rating appears to be mainly based on profanity and one scene in episode 2 where a man literally explodes from a railgun shot. Hand Cannon: Sengoku’s giant magnum revolver. It’s got a fingerprint lock so only he can use it. Heroic Albino: Benten, for a give value of «Heroic». Hidden Disdain Reveal: In the dub of the third OVA, Sengoku bluntly invokes this trope when he is ordered to kill a rogue Benten if he doesn’t stand down (which he won’t). [raises gun]

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