3 million of the 40 million beneficiaries will sign up for the

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Replica Hermes Bags December 11, 2003By NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICEWASHINGTON The Bush administration said yesterday that it will monitor the prices of prescription drugs purchased by Medicare beneficiaries, to ensure they are not overcharged when they start using drug discount cards next June. 1, 2006.Medicare officials estimate that 7.3 million of the 40 million beneficiaries will sign up for the cards, to be offered by private companies with a federal seal of approval.Under a rule issued yesterday, a beneficiary can select one card and will generally be locked into that choice, with one change allowed at the end of 2004.The sponsors of drug discount cards will be allowed to change their prices and the list of covered drugs «on a weekly basis.»To avoid price gouging and «bait and switch» tactics, the Medicare agency said it would «monitor drug price changes.»In general, price increases for people using the discount card cannot exceed the amount that would be expected based on changes in wholesale prices and other costs.Sponsors of the new drug cards will have to report drug prices to the government and post them on Web sites.Tim Trysla, a Medicare official, said that if a company lured people with low prices and then charged much higher prices, Medicare could revoke its endorsement, freeze enrollment or impose civil fines.The law does not specify the size of discounts. But Leslie V. Replica Hermes Bags

Hermes Bags Replica That is not a «new plan,» because drug enforcement agencies have always made a concerted effort to attack «street level» dealers. Unfortunately, the result of these efforts is that the dealers simply move to other areas. Five years ago, it was Hanover Acres Hermes Bags Replica.

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